ScaDI is a service providing centralized data processing and their easy availability both for local operation, central supervision, management or service organization and not only that.
ScaDI is a combination of modern SCADA and BMS - All in one system
About the service principle:
The service is divided into several symbiotic units, namely:

  1. Control and data collection
  2. Treatment
  3. Dispatching
  4. Visualization interface
  5. User support
  6. Facility management

Data collection is possible through several communication protocols, either through standard protocols such as Modbus TCP, OPC or through the modern IoT or IIoT communication protocols MQTT or OPC UA.
It is possible to use already established internet connections, either cable or WiFi, as the communication interface. If desired, it is possible to integrate other data collection interface into the system or use our backed blackbox which serves not only as a converter or a separate data collection unit, but also as a power failure monitor when ordering a modem device. The blackbox can optionally be installed solar panel or fuel cell (hydrogen) in the case of an island monitoring system.
The control center is here for you and according to the agreed procedures checks your output data and performs possible correlations of the program or values ​​of the supporting equipment of the building's technical equipment and in the event of an accident it provides comprehensive repairs through its own service sources or approved contractors.
According to the set user rights, the visualization interface enables either a selected overview of monitored devices, buildings, etc. or even their setting or correlation. It is also a gateway to planning service organizations, documentation storage and communication interface with its own employees.
User support is addressed primarily through a communicator / helpdesk in the visualization interface, you can contact our staff not only in case of questions about operation, but also in matters of planning, construction and technical advice, in the case of emergency or emergency situations 24/7/365 including all holidays and public holidays.
* BMS stands for "building management system", otherwise known as a building automation system (BAS), is a building-based computer control system that controls and monitors mechanical and electrical equipment of a building, such as ventilation , lighting, energy systems, fire systems. and security systems.
* SCADA stands for "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition". Typically, this term is used for software that monitors and controls industrial and other technical equipment and processes from a central office.